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Extractor Deep Cleans

Protect your staff, customers and property by regularly cleaning the extractor systems in your commercial kitchen.

In this week’s blog at CleanCare we are looking at the benefits of extractor deep cleans. These include health and fire safety advantages and ensuring your equipment meets current legal requirements.

kitchen extraction unit cleaning

Health and Sanitation

Extractor deep cleans are essential for keeping your kitchen sanitary and keeping your workforce and customers healthy. If the systems are not cleaned regularly, dirt particles build up in the extractor. They will either be circulated throughout the building into the air people breathe or collect and become sludge.

Dirt particles can also contaminate meal preparation areas and the food. The air is kept clean by changing the filters on a regular basis and deep cleaning the extractor systems. A professional cleaning service often includes a full audit of your system and a certificate of cleanliness and inspection.

Fire Safety

Your extraction system should always be clean and have efficient ventilation in cases of fires or smoke. Sludge that has built up in the system contains dirt and grease, which causes a fire risk.

Grease fires can cause severe damage to a property if the extractor is not working well and there isn’t good ventilation. If a ventilation hood is not cleaned, the sludge can drip and leak onto the surfaces, or it can clog and overheat, risking starting a fire itself.

Cleaning and maintenance will reduce the fire risk and prevent grease from building up in the extraction system. The same also applies to laundry ducts as the fibres collected after washes are highly flammable, so they need to be cleaned regularly.

Follow Current Regulations

In the UK, commercial kitchen owners must ensure that their extractor systems meet the requirements of cleanliness. Chefs and staff should be trained on cleaning the extractors at the end of a workday and professionals must be hired regularly for a deep clean.

If you own a commercial kitchen, you should keep a record of all the maintenance and cleaning done on the system. This information should then be made available to Environmental Health Officers (EHOs) and members of the local authority in the event of an inspection.

Find Out More

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