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Kitchen Extraction

Providing deep cleaning services for your Kitchen Extraction Systems

Kitchen Extraction System Cleaning

Regulations set in place now require commercial kitchen systems to meet certain standards in order to comply with insurance company requirements on business insurance policies.

These regulations detail cleaning interval requirements and the level of cleanliness required throughout the kitchen ventilation system, starting from the canopy to termination point of the system.

We have a team of NDCA trained and experienced cleaners that will supply you with an excellent service from start to finish.

Our clients include:

  • Hotel Chains
  • Fast food chains
  • Restaurants
  • Nursing Homes
  • Public Houses
  • Independent takeaways

Audit and advice

We can help keep your kitchen clean and within health and safety regulations by offering a full survey of your kitchen duct and ventilation system.

We’ll supply you with a free audit which will advise you on what cleaning requirements are needed, timescale and a cost based on the work required ( including any access panels required )

Once the work has been completed, we will supply you with a “Post check pack” which will detail the work completed and have accompanying photographic evidence.

We will also provide a TR19 certificate of cleanliness; these are all requirements that you will need to provide your insurance company.


Our auditors will take grease measurements and check your current extract system and duct cleanliness on your behalf and recommend a regime of cleaning going forward. We can produce schematic drawings to detail specific build up areas, this will enable you to target and audit these on a regular basis going forwards. Grease measurements are rated as follows:- 200 microns has an average across the system requires a full clean. Any single measurement of 500 microns or more requires an urgent local clean. Post clean should be less than 50 microns in all areas ( where accessible )

Our Kitchen Duct Cleaning Service includes:

  • Full audit of your extract system
  • Before and after cleaning photographs
  • A certificate of cleanliness and inspection
  • A professional schematic drawing of your system
  • Recommendations for regular service checks

Notes to Quick Guide 2

Commercial liability/property insurance policies invariably contain conditions and warranties that stipulate a minimum cleaning frequency for grease extract ductwork systems under the insurance which can be a higher frequency of cleaning than TR/19 recommendations. Failure to comply with such requirements will invalidate the building insurance policy.

The canopy and canopy/extract plenum is an area of higher fire risk and consideration should be given to more frequent cleaning in accordance with insurers’ requirements.

To verify the frequency of cleaning, it is recommended that inspections be carried out at regular intervals depending on the type and duration of cooking undertaken, this may be as frequent as monthly, for high- risk systems (refer to FPA RC44 for guidance) but not exceeding 6 months for all other systems.

Get In Touch

For a free audit and costing of kitchen extraction system cleaning, or if you want more information on the services we offer, get in touch on 01274 949112 or 07500 220 057 or use our online contact form.

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